Software Development

With fluency in many different programming languages and software, Pragmassist has the capability to develop anything you need! Proprietary Apps or software--Your wish? It's our command!

Language Fluency

We have the use of many different languages at our fingertips... Literally. Software Engineering, Web Design, and Server-Side Applications are well within the realm of possibility for Pragmassist.


  • C#

  • C++

  • Visual Basic

  • Python


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript


  • SQL

  • PHP


Visual Scripting

  • Blueprint (by Unreal Engine)*

The Unreal Engine, designed by Epic Games, is a software designed primarily for Video Game Development, but its potential is so much greater! With its predisposition for graphic integration and User-Interface, applications are quicker and easier to develop! To top it off, it is set to export and test on devices (Phone, Tablet, etc) and that makes things so much faster for Android, iOS, Linux, HTML5, Windows and Mac! There's only one side-note: Anything created in this powerful software must bear the logo and disclaimer of the Unreal Engine. It's a small price to pay.​

*Epic Games and Unreal Engine are proprietary trademarks of Epic Games and are protected by Copyright.

Anything created in the Unreal Engine will likely bear this Logo and Copyright information.