Welcome to Pragmassist!

I would like to take a second to personally welcome you to Pragmassist, and thank you for your interest! Take a look around and feel free to contact me when you see something you like!

~Chris Brickner, CEO

'(prag) • muh • sist

proper noun

A virtual assistant with a unique ability to add creative artistry to professional documentation.

Pragmassist built my document structure with a colorful, yet effective design!

About the Owner

Uniquely Versatile

It's really quite simple: I love to learn. I am always teaching myself something new. Although I admit I am not fluent in everything I know, I have a vast quantity of competent abilities to work with. From simple document development to complex database design, and from software development to hardware repair. I know I can help you accomplish any goal.


From very young I loved to draw, color, and paint. High school led to molding and shaping. Now including 3D model sculpting! Did you ever consider that artistic displays could improve workload efficiency? Consider staring at a black-and-white document or spreadsheet all day. Add a little conditional formatting and see what happens...

Our Focus is You!

Documents need typed, Spreadsheets need built, Databases need designed, Presentations, Advertising, Logos... There's so much to do! You need help! Let us remove the stress of the minor details so you can focus on what really matters. As your stress levels lower, you find more satisfaction in the work and you never forget why you started it in the first place. Your success is, and will always be, our primary concern. 

How else can we help?

We don't even want you to worry about our bill. We consider ourselves pretty fair-priced in regards to our competition, but we also offer several different ways you can reduce it even more! First, if you plan to use us frequently, we have membership deals that, for a monthly premium, reduces every transaction's cost--up to 40%--for that month! No contracts wanted? That's okay! Just pay a fee for one month and you will have reduced bills for the next 30 days! Finally, head on over to our Facebook page and shoot us a "recommendation," and we'll reduce your bill by an ADDITIONAL 10%! Seriously! All we want you to focus on is success!

The Big Decision:

Findlay, Ohio was one of the largest business-starting cities in the United States in the 2010's, but so many details that need attention it's hard to get it all accomplished! Most often, a new entrepreneur becomes overwhelmed and it's a 50/50 chance that they will succeed. So they face the question: "Should I hire help or handle it myself?" The simple answer is... Neither. There is no need to hire and pay wages, benefits packages, tax details, OSHA plans, etc. when you can simply contract out! Once our job is complete, there's no layoff, unemployment benefits, or hassle, AND you get your focus goes where you need it! Most importantly, YOU DON'T FAIL!

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